The Palladium has a state of the art fire detection system, with multiple smoke and heat sensors, strobes and horns located all over the building.

The building is made of concrete and brick with an upgraded/expanded sprinkler system that covers the entire venue.

There are police officers working at every show.

There are numerous fire extinguishers located on stage (4), in the auditorium (12), and 7 pull stations.

We work closely with the Worcester Police Dept. and the Fire Dept., as well as the Health and Building Inspectors.

We do not allow any pyrotechnics to be used and have a production staff and stage crew that is onstage throughout the night.

There is nothing flammable such as curtains or soundproofing on the stage or anywhere in the building.

There are 12 emergency exits off the main floor, 12 emergency exits from the balcony, 4 emergency exits from the stage, and 8 doors in the lobby that customers enter through as well as exit.

All of our doors are equipped with panic bars and open out.

Our emergency lights are all state of the art EBU’s (emergency back-up units) that light the entire building in case of a power outage. This includes all emergency lights and all exit lights in the building.

The security staff is well trained in fire safety and evacuation procedures.

The fire system/alarm is tied directly into the Fire Dept.