I have my tickets at Will Call, what does this mean?

This does not mean that someone named Will, will call you about your tickets. Will Call means your tickets have been paid for and the tickets will be held at the Box Office for pick-up on the night of the event. Please make sure that you have a Photo ID and your confirmation information with you in order to claim your tickets.

What is the difference between the Upstairs Room and the Main Room?

If the event is listed as being in the Upstairs room, this means the event is in our smaller room making it a more intimate experience.
If the event is listed as being in the Main room, this means that the event will be held on the big stage and more people.

Is there assigned seating?

No, our building is a General Admission facility which means first come first serve. Down in the Main room it is generally all standing. However, there are a few crescent shaped booths but again, its first come first serve. If ticket sales allow, we do open the balcony for Main room shows. Up in the balcony there is plenty of seating. Our Upstairs room is standing room only.

Occasionally, our building is rented out by an outside promoter and they may decide to split the building into sections, charging more for the more desirable locations. If this is the case, the different ticket prices will be clearly listed on our event listings.

Where can I purchase tickets in advance?

Tickets are available at FYE Record Store locations, online at Ticketfly.com by visiting their website or by calling (877) 987-6487, or at the Palladium Box Office which is open Tuesday-Friday, 12pm-4:30pm (and during shows).

My child is under the age of 18, may they come to the show?

Yes, we are traditionally an All Ages concert venue unless it is otherwise clearly noted on our event listing. Please keep in mind that young children must have ear protection. The loud music can be very damaging to their hearing.

Does the venue have parking?

Our venue is surrounded by private parking lots that charge anywhere from $10 – $30, depending on what else is going on in the city. We do not suggest parking on side streets or in unsupervised lots.

What time do the shows normally end?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “normal” in the music world. Every concert ends at a different time. Set times and Ending times are not established until the day of the event once all of the bands have arrived.

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes, we do in fact serve alcohol. In order to purchase and consume alcohol in our establishment, individuals 21 years old or older must present their Valid ID to the Security Staff at the front door. They will then place a wristband on your wrist so that the staff inside will know who is able and allowed to drink. Please note: Patrons who arrive to the venue intoxicated will not be allowed into the show.

What are the acceptable forms of identification so I can consume alcohol?

1.) Valid Massachusetts Driver’s License
2.) Valid Massachusetts Registry Of Motor Vehicles Liquor Identification Card
3.) Passport Issued By The United States or a Country Recognized by the United States
4.) Valid Military Identification Card

May I bring my bag and/or backpack into the show?

Yes, bags are allowed into the venue. However, the following items are not allowed into the venue:
PLEASE NOTE: All Patrons Entering This Establishment Are Subject To Search
No Weapons (this includes small pocket knives, utility knives & razor blades)
No Large Climbing Clips
No Large/Long Chains
No Large Belt Buckles (Unless you are a cowboy) or Bullet Belts
No Spikes
No Outside Food and/or Beverages
No Markers
No Stickers
No Flashlights or Laser Pointers
No Masks (Bandanas may not be worn over your face)
No Drugs or Paraphernalia (Prescriptions Drugs will not be allowed into the venue unless they are in a prescription bottle. The ID of the person holding the prescription must match the name on the bottle)

Is there a coat check?

Unfortunately, we do not have a coat check. Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for lost or stolen items. We suggest that you hold on to all of your personal belongings that you bring inside.

I lost my _______ how do I contact the venue in order to claim my lost item?

If you have lost an item, feel free to call our office Tuesday – Friday 12:30 – 5pm @ 508-797-9696 in order to see if your item was found

May I leave and come back once I have entered the building?

Unless it is an all day festival, we do not allow Re-Entry. During all day festivals we will allow Re-Entry for the first part of the day.

May I bring a camera?

We as a venue, traditionally allow regular point and shoot cameras only. Video is not allowed inside of the building. Professional cameras (anything that is larger than the palm of your hand and/or has detachable lenses) are not allowed into the building unless you have a photo pass which the headlining band must pre-approve. Occasionally, bands do not allow any cameras at all (we usually find this out on the day of the event once all of the bands have arrived.) If this is the case, the front door security staff will ask you bring your camera back to your vehicle before you enter.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Our Box Office now accepts all major credit cards. There is an ATM located in the front lobby of our building if you want to take out cash. The bar also accepts credit cards for beverages.

Where is the Box Office?

The Box Office is located outside, to the right of the front doors. Regular box office hours are Tuesday – Friday from 12:00 PM – 4:30 PM. Advance sales for upcoming shows are also available for purchase during any event, even if you are not attending.

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