Palladium Restoration Project



What is the Palladium Restoration Project?

The Palladium Restoration project is our effort to both restore and reinvent our theater. From rebuilding the classic architecture to rebranding with up-to-date technological advances, we want to fuse together the historical elements that make this building great with the modern technology that make your concert-going experience one to remember, but with such a large and timeworn building, the changes we hope to make add up fast, which is why we are turning to YOU to help us make this huge undertaking a reality. We are starting out with a small goal of $25,000 but throughout 2014, we hope to raise at least $1 million, every single penny of which will go directly toward Palladium improvement projects.

We are incredibly excited about the Palladium Restoration Project and hope that you are too! Please help us to make the changes to both the inside and outside of our building and keep the Palladium running at the level that our patrons deserve.

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Other Ways You Can Help!

Please make sure that you share our page on all of your social media sites and let all of your friends know that you support the Palladium Restoration Project! Have you seen your favorite artist at our venue? Tweet them the link to this page and ask them to help support our efforts! The more money we raise, the better we can make your future concert experience.